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Adjective Forming ending part – I

Adjective Forming ending
The two endings ‘-able’ and ‘-ible’ are pronounced the same, but they pose a problem for beginners.
Be familiar with the following ‘-able’ adjectives:
Countable, drinkable, microwavable, breakable, uncrushable, eatable, stretchable, amicable, impeccable, indefatigable, applicable, implacable, irrigable, despicable, inexplicable, navigable, educable, inextricable, practicable, amiable, negotiable, appreciable, pliable, insatiable, sociable, liable, viable, adorable. datable, definable, gradable, quotable, usable, curable, debatable, excusable, notable, reputable, valuable, agreeable, disagreeable, foreseeable, changeable, manageable, replaceable, enforceable, noticeable, serviceable, knowledgeable, peaceable, traceable

In certain instances the silent ‘e’ is often not dropped before adding ‘-able’.Adjective Forming ending part - I 1

  • blamable or blameable
  • livable or liveable
  • microwavable or microwaveable
  • namable or nameable
  • unshakable or unshakeable
  • likable or likeable
  • lovable or loveable
  • movable or moveable
  • ratable or rateable
  • sizable or sizeable

If a verb ends in ‘y’, ‘y’ changes to ‘i’ before adding ‘-able’.

  • Classify – classifiable
  • Copy – copiable
  • Deny – deniable
  • Envy – enviableAdjective Forming ending part - I 2
  • Photocopy – photocopiable
  • Rely – reliable
  • Vary -variable


  • buy-buyable
  • pay payable
  • say- sayable

Verbs that double their last consonant when adding ‘-ing’ also double it before ‘-able’.

  • Club – clubbable
  • Hug –  huggable
  • Regret – regrettable
  • Stop – stoppable

Verbs that end in ‘-fer’ do not double the ‘r’ before ‘-able’.

  • Defer deferable
  • Infer inferable
  • Prefer preferable
  • Transfer transferable

Continued on Adjective Forming ending part – II

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