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Conversation : Bus Station

It is include some questions which will be helpful to find a bus in a bus station.

Conversation : Bus Station 1

Where is the bus station?
How do I get to the bus station?
How can I get to the bus station?

How much does the ticket cost?
I need a one-way ticket to…
One-way ticket to…, please.

Where is the bus timetable?
Where can I find out departure and
arrival times?

I need a return ticket.
I’d like a return ticket.

Is this bus schedule still in effect?
Is this the current bus schedule?
Is this schedule still valid?
Has this schedule been modified?
Has this schedule been changed?
Are the times on this schedule correct?

What bus will take me to…?
Which route goes to…?
What route do I take to get to…?
What bus do I take to get to…?

Where can i buy a ticket?
Where is the ticket office?
Where do I get in line to buy a ticket?
Where can I purchase a ticket?

Is it possible to buy the ticket on the bus?
Will I be able to buy a ticket on the bus?
May I buy the ticket from the driver?
Can I just pay after I get on the bus?
Are tickets sold in the bus?

How much is a round-trip ticket?
How much does it cost both ways?

How long is a round-trip ticket good for?
When is the last day I can use my return ticket?
When does this ticket expire?
By what day do I have to return?

Are there any discount fares for several trips?
Do you give discounts for several trips?
Do I get a discount for traveling often?

Is there a group rate?
Are there any discounts for groups?

Can I sit anywhere I want?
Does this ticket designate a specific seat?

I want to cancel this ticket.
Can I get my money back?
Can I get a refund?
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