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Adjective Forming ending part – II

Continued from Adjective Forming ending part – I

‘-ible’ adjectives
Here is a list of common adjectives that end with
‘-ible’. Be familiar with them.

Accessible, admissible, audible, coercible, collapsible, comAdjective Forming ending part - II 1patible, comprehensible, compressible, contemptible, convertible, convincible, corruptible, credible, deducible, defensible, destructible, digestible, discernible, divisible, edible, eligible, fallible, feasible, flexible, forcible, gullible, horrible, illegible, imperceptible, implausible, impossible, inaccessible, inadmissible, inaudible, incombustible, incompatible, incomprehensible, incontrovertible, incorrigible, incorruptible, incredible, indefensible, indelible, indestructible, indigestible, indiscernible, indivisible, inedible, ineligible, inexhaustible, infallible, inflexible, insensible, intangible, intelligible, invincible, invisible, irascible, irreducible, irrepressible, irresistible, irresponsible, irreversible, legible, negligible, ostensible, perceptible, plausible, possible, reducible, reprehensible, resistible, responsible, reversible, sensible, submersible, suggestible, susceptible, tangible, terrible, transmissible, unintelligible, visible

Apart from ‘-ible’ and ‘-able’ adjectives, there is a
small group of adjectives ending with ‘-uble’.

  • Soluble,
  • voluble,
  • indissoluble,
  • insoluble

To be continued

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