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Introducing the new Oppo A7 very soon in Sri Lanka

Oppo will be launching its new handset A7 phone in Sri Lanka soon. Oppo A7 and Oppo’s A will be a new introduction to smartphones with a powerful battery, modern eye-catching design, high efficiency, exclusive waterdrop design and intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) operated cameras. Sri Lankan consumers will be able to buy at low prices.

The new Oppo A7 features  16 Mega Pixel front camera with AI 2.0, and 13MP + 2MP dual rear cameras. The 4230mAh comprises a massive billboard and will have modern colors to ease the country’s customers.

Oppo A7, Oppo Lanka Chief Executive Officer, said, “Oppo A7 has been built to address the young people’s expectations and has a double camera model, high fullscreen and durable battery life. With sustainable battery life, the important moments of his life can be taken all day long. They can carry out their daily activities without worrying about charging their mobile phones.

The faster battery charging landing is done in A7 with the content of the new 4230mAh efficient battery. The 4230mAh efficient solution to the A7 will be the best solution, as the fastest battery charging downturn for young people using the most mobile phones is complex.

With a unique Waterdrop screen design, the area receives the upper part of the call, the camera and the light sensor. This includes the suppression of the feature on the screen which allows the user to view the most content. Cameras and flashlights and are similar to two water drills.

As the new Oppo A7 will be introduced in mid-November, it is expected that they will offer a similar offer that was previously offered to consumers, such as the A-option F chosen. Oppo A7 is expected to be on the market as the medium of smartphone. Its unique design, modern luxury and powerful and cheap next generation smartphone, is expected to address the needs of young people.

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