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Conversation : Bus Station

It is include some questions which will be helpful to find a bus in a bus station. Where is the bus station? How do I get to the bus station? How can I get to the bus station? How much does the ticket cost? I need a one-way…

Members of the family குடும்ப அங்கத்தவர்கள்- පවුලේ සාමා‚කයෝ

Learn about family members in three languages පවුලේ සාමා‚කයෝ (பவூலே சாமாஜி(க்)கயின்) குடும்ப அங்கத்தவர்கள்- පවුලේ සාමාජිකයන් Members of the family අම්මා  (அம்மா) அம்மா (අම්මා) Mother තාත්තා (தாத்தா) அப்பா (අප්පා) Father අක්කා …

Noun – forming ending

Since the two endings '-ance' and '-ence' are pronounced the same, it is difficult to know from the sound which is the correct spelling. Here is a list of nouns ending with '-ence'. Abhorrence, abstinence, accidence, acquiescence,…

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