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Noun – forming ending

Since the two endings ‘-ance’ and ‘-ence’ are pronounced the same, it is difficult to know from the sound which is the correct spelling.

Here is a list of nouns ending with ‘-ence’.

  • Abhorrence, abstinence, accidence, acquiescence, adherence, adolescence, affluence, ambience, ambivalence, audience,
  • belligerence, beneficence, benevolence,
  • circumference, coherence, coincidence, competence, concurrence, condolence, conference, confidence, confluence, congruence, conscience, consequence, continence, convalescence, convenience, correspondence, credence,
  • decadence, deference, dependence, difference, diffidence, diligence, disobedience, dissidence, divergence,
  • ebullience, effervescence, efflorescence, effluence, eloquence, emergence, expedience, experience,
  • fraudulence,
  • grandiloquence,
  • imminence, impatience, impertinence, impermanence, impudence, incidence, incoherence, incompetence, inconvenience, independence, indifference, indigence, indolence, indulgence, inexpedience, inexperience, inference, influence, insistence, insurgence, intelligence,
    interference, intransigence, irreverence, jurisprudence, lenience, licence, magnificence, malevolence

Nouns ending with ‘-ency’
Complacency, consistency, contingency. deficiency, despondency, efficiency, frequency, inconsistency, insufficiency, proficiency. pungency, tendency, transparency.

Nouns ending with ‘-ary’, ‘-ery’ and ‘-ory’ are pronounced the same. Be familiar with the nouns ending with ‘-ary’.
Adversary, anniversary, apiary, apothecary, aviary, beneficiary, boundary, burglary, bursary, centenary, constabulary, corollary, dictionary, dignitary, dispensary, emissary, estuary, formulary, functionary, glossary, granary, intermediary, itinerary judiciary, library, luminary, missionary, mortuary, notary, obituary, quandary, rosary, salary, sanctuary, secretary, seminary,
summary, tributary, vocabulary

Here is a list of some nouns ending with ‘-ery.’
Archery, artery, artillery, bakery, battery, bravery, brewery, buffoonery, butchery, confectionery, crockery, cutlery, delivery, discovery, drapery, drudgery, dysentery, embroidery, fishery, flattery, foolery, forgery, gallery, greenery, imagery, jewellery, lottery, machinery, mastery, millinery, nunnery, nursery, perfumery, periphery, pottery, savagery, scenery, shrubbery, slavery, treachery, trickery, upholstery

Following nouns end with ‘-ory’.
Accessory, allegory, category, conservatory, directory, dormitory, factory, history, inventory, laboratory, lavatory, memory, observatory, oratory, purgatory, signatory, territory, theory, victory

There are three verb stems: ‘-cede’, ‘-ceed’ and ‘-sede’
‘-cede’ verbs

Accede, concede, intercede, precede, recede, secede
‘-ceed’ verbs
Exceed, proceed, succeed
There is only one verb ending with ‘-sede’

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